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A brief intro to septic tanks…

A septic tank is a multi-chamber tank, providing an environment in which solid matter and liquid can separate. The solid matter settles to the bottom and the resultant liquor rises to the top. When this liquid makes contact with oxygen, the organic matter breaks down.
Any small particles of sewage are carried away through the discharge outlet and into the ground via a soak way.

A septic tank will only function in the correct ground conditions – on non-porous ground such as clay, the tank will not function properly.

What you need to know…

It’s a condition of both Building Control and the Environment Agency that a porosity test is undertaken, we recommend that you seek further information and advice.

Many areas of the UK and Ireland prohibit the installation of septic tanks. It is vital that the appropriate license and permission are granted prior to any installation.

Septic tanks are specialised and site specific, therefore we strongly recommend that you contact us for further advice and information.

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