As you would expect from an established and reputable company, our core services are delivered with both care and attention throughout…

Servicing & Maintenance

Flotec offer a highly regarded annual servicing and maintenance contract, which ensures the risk of breakdown and running costs are significantly reduced, whilst also improving equipment life.

If you have a pump station, a mechanical or electrical failure can be catastrophic, making the need for regular servicing and maintenance imperative.


Benefits of our Servicing and Maintenance Contract:


  • A regularly serviced sewage treatment plant that conforms to regulations.
  • Up to date advice on caring for your system.
  • A service report which must be kept for 5 years before being discarded or passed onto new owners.
  • Immediate dedication to breakdown and emergency calls.
  • Each vehicle carries spare parts should they be needed.
  • A fixed servicing price – once agreed, this price will not change throughout your time with us.

Design & Installation

Our ever-growing design department work closely with the Environment Agency, covering a wide range of projects which include commercial, industrial and domestic.

This knowledge and experience allows us to identify the most appropriate and cost-effective equipment for any situation.

Every installation is carefully planned by our experienced installation team – we consider all aspects from the size of the job, to what system will work best for you.

We will always give the same care and attention to detail to all of our projects, regardless of size, to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied.

All of our work is commissioned to the highest standards to comply with Building Control and Environment Agency regulations.

Repair & Refurbishment

Flotec are an independent company, highly specialised in repair and refurbishment.

Regardless of the condition of the system, we are able to repair and refurbish all types of sewage plants, pumping stations, septic tanks and cesspools.

We start with an initial assessment of your system so that we can advise you on the best way to proceed with minimal interruption.

To find out more about any of our products, and get expert advice on the regulations and conditions, call or email:

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